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Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you’ve started planning the wedding of your dreams, one of the most important aspects to consider is the catering — it’s time to pick out what food you’d like to serve your reception guests! Delivering Experiences in New York and New Jersey understands that the food and drinks will be a highlight of your special day, and they should taste and be served exactly the way you prefer.

As you interview and sort through different wedding catering services, follow our complete list of the most important questions to ask! Keep all of these in mind when picking your wedding food and see what our high-end, Latin-inspired cuisine is all about!

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What is Your Specialty?

When sorting through wedding caterers, the best place to start is with one that specializes in the type of cuisine you want to serve or eat at the reception. For example, Delivering Experiences offers a multicultural fusion of different flavors to create unique wedding food dishes for you, your fiance, and your guests. It’s also important to glance at sample menus so you can get an idea of what the entire meal will look like.

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Can You Accommodate Dietary Restrictions or Substitutions?

Your list of wedding guests or wedding party members may include people who are vegan, vegetarian, cannot eat gluten, or have different food allergies. The wedding catering professionals you’re speaking with should be able to make sure everyone at your reception can be treated to a delicious, five-star meal. Inquire about whether the wedding appetizers, entrees, and desserts can accommodate your guests’ dietary restrictions and how the chefs will handle cross-contamination.

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How Will the Food Be Served?

Before you get too far into looking at different wedding catering services, it’s important to think about if you’d prefer a sit-down meal or a buffet-style meal. If you’re having a seated dinner, ask about the serving style options Delivering Experiences has, like plated meals or family-style service. The wedding catering company you choose should be able to serve the food exactly how you want.

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Can We Set Up a Tasting?

Don’t forget to ask for a tasting before signing any wedding catering contracts! This will allow you to sample the dishes you’ll serve at your wedding and make sure everything from the taste to the presentation is perfect. During the actual tasting, ensure the quality is up to your expected standard, ask questions about the ordering process, and discuss what changes (if any) can be made.
Discover New Flavors With Delivering Experiences

Choose the most idyllic wedding food for you and your soon-to-be spouse to enjoy with Delivering Experiences! Learn all about the different flavor profiles we can create for your wedding day and contact us to set up a meeting!

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